Age: 26
Availability: Sydney, Interstate, Worldwide
Height: 5’8
Dress Size: 10
Bra Size: 10E
Hair Color: Blond

If Emma is the girl you are eyeing up to spend some time with, you are in for a wild ride. Her long, straight hair, tight little body, and massive breasts guarantee you the craziest porn star escort experience in Sydney.

Emma is an absolute on show, from the E cup breasts to her pierced navel, she is the type of girl will teach you a few tricks you never even knew were possible. yes, this girl has a body that she just loves to show off by wearing the skimpiest bikinis, that is, if she has to wear clothing at all.

More than anything in the world, Emma likes to have a good time. She always brings a bag of toys with her when she comes to visit a date and she knows exactly how to use them. She is a very sexually liberated person and enjoys the company of multiple partners, be they male or female.

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