Age: 23
Height: 5’8
Dress Size: 8
Bra Size: 10D

Tara is a fun loving, sexy Australian blonde has the sexiest bellybutton I think I have ever seen. Her light brunette hair, kissed with natural highlights of gold, is just asking for you to run your fingers through it. As you do, procure way down to her more than ample breasts and give a few kisses to her absolutely adorable, but still very sexy bellybutton.

Unlike a lot of the other girls, Tara likes to spend time with a select few people, rather than a large group. It is not to say that she is uncomfortable in any way in a large group, it is just that she enjoys the conversation of a few people as oppose to being in a crowded room trying to yell over top of everybody else. As such, she has created a number of lasting relationships with very intelligent and interesting people.

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