Travel Companion Escorts

The girls of Bondi Bikini Babes tend to like to spend their time with clients most as a travel companion escort. No matter where they go in the world, being a travel companion escort is a fantastic job for a lot of the girls here up on my bikini babes. Because most of the girls have an affinity for traveling, they really enjoy when they get to get some work done and check out some cultures that may be new to them. That being said, no matter where you travel or how you get there, you’re going to want to discuss the matter with the escort prior to even making hotel reservations.


Pick the Right Girl

Chances are that if you are planning on taking an escort with you as a travel companion, you already know the girl pretty well and the two of you get along swimmingly. As such, it is rare that a client will call us and request a girl to travel with them if they haven’t yet met. The sort of thing arises much more naturally than you might think and a lot of the time, Bondi Bikini Babes isn’t even involved at all. What is much more likely to happen is that on occasion when you’re spending time with one of our escorts, the client brings up the fact that he or she may be traveling somewhere in the near future and asks if the escort would be happy to come with them. By this stage of your relationship you should be able to understand whether or not she is the type of girl who would like to travel with you. In all likelihood she will say yes And negotiate a custom rate with you right there.

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Treat Her as She Deserves to Be Treated

The girls of Bondi Bikini Babes have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and expect that when a client takes them on a trip, that lifestyle is maintained or even elevated. If you are having an escort flown to meet you somewhere outside of Sydney, the girls won’t simply cram into the back of a crowded plane for the opportunity to spend time with you. No, at the very least their comfort should be taken into account and first-class tickets should be waiting to take her wherever it is that you want her to be. Furthermore, the girls absolutely love to fly in private jets; if you yourself are going to be commuting on a private jet, definitely consider bringing along an escort to keep you company. There is nothing quite like the privacy of 10,000 feet of nothing below you to really get things moving sexually.

Similarly, getting off of the plane and onto public transit just isn’t something these escorts are going to be willing to do. Arrange to have them picked up in a limousine, an S-Class, or pick her up yourself.

If you’re going to be spending some time with your travel companion escort in big cities and centers of culture, make sure that you take her out to a fancy dinner or two while you’re there. Girls like to be wined and dined and these absolutely stunning escorts are no different. Try to experience whatever culture is on offer where you are and always ask her what she would like to do.

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What’s Trending?

One type of vacation that tends to recur with need for the services of our girls are those which take place on a luxury yacht. For the most part, the girls absolutely love spending time at sea on a yacht in their bikinis. It gives them a chance to show off their incredible bodies, catch your attention, and work on their tans. Like the private jet, the privacy offered by the yacht makes everybody on board feel like they are important and makes for some potentially explicit opportunities. It is an incredible feeling to see a beautiful girl sun tanning in just bikini bottoms, knowing that you could have her right there.

Ultimately, asking a girl to be your travel companion escort is much more fluid and natural than you might think. Treat her like the beautiful and intelligent lady she is, always ask for what she wants to do, and she is sure to guarantee that you have the most relaxing, entertaining, and exciting vacation of your life.